Life Kinetik - Brain Training through physical activity!

Improve your mental and physical performance with the innovative brain training program Life Kinetik. Exercise the same way elite athletes do and benefit in all areas of life. 


Experience Life Kinetik  

It’s not only fun, but it’s the perfect way to improve your performance through the combination of cognitive tasks, physical activity and perception training. Benefit your whole life as you constantly challenge your brain through this fun exercise program. 


 Life Kinetik supports you in all areas of everyday life:  


»work«   »leisure«    »sports«    »school«   »learning«    »memory«


Have fun while improving your performance with brain training 

Life Kinetik is brain training through physical activity. It is the interface between gentle exercise and lifelong learning. Anyone who trains with Life Kinetik benefits in two ways as it improves your physical and mental performance at the same time. The specifically designed exercise program improves your physical health, and the creation of new synapses lets your mind benefit as well. Enhancing your brain capacity enhances your success and wellbeing in life.

About 100 billion brain cells exist at birth, but even though we all have these resources we only make use of a very small part our brain capacity. Life Kinetik challenges body and mind through visual and coordination exercises and cognitive tasks. These challenges cause the brain to create new connections (synapses). As neural connections increase, the brain performance improves and leads to enhanced performance in all areas of life:


  • Kids are more creative and self-confident,
  • Students enhance their learning ability and concentration,
  • Athletes improve their performance,
  • Employees are more stress resistant,
  • Seniors are more receptive  


Contrary to common practices in sports, this training program does not aim at the automation of movements. Life Kinetik is not about long and strenuous exercise. Instead Life Kinetik aims at continually creating new synapses by introducing new challenges to the program from one training session to the next. This is the only way to optimise your brain performance and benefit permanently.

Only one 60-minute training session per week is enough to notice improvements after only a short period of time. Many former and active professional athletes in Football, Alpine Skiing and Biathlon, European handball and Golf successfully use Life Kinetik. 


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Hockey Olympic Gold Medalist Brent Livermore becomes first Australian Ambassador for Life Kinetik.


Welcome to our new Life Kinetik trainers!
German Hockey Nationalteams have officially made Life Kinetik part of their training programs. 
Life Kinetik at the Return2Sport Expo at Sydney Olympic Park from Oct 11-12. Free entry.
Life Kinetik at the Sydney National Career and Employment Expo from 30. August to 1.September 2012. Experience some of the exercises yourself and learn more about the theory in a free seminar at 3pm on Saturday. Visit Expo Website here...  


 “That is definitely something everybody needs!”  Rosi Mittermaier, Germany's most successful female skier in the history of the Olympic Games
"Definitely one of the most interesting and exciting things I have encountered in my professional career in the past few years." Jürgen Klopp, Coach of Borussia Dortmund, german Football Champion 2011
“What Horst Lutz and the Life Kinetik team have achieved is certainly an impressive set-up and I do hope that Life Kinetik will soon be available for everyone.”  Felix Neureuther, world class slalom skier, german skiing association

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